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How to Securely Login Outlook/Hotmail & Sign in or Log in

Outlook/Hotmail Login: How to securely sign into Outlook .com Your e-mail accounts contains lots of important emails, personal data, too sensitive business details, etc. It is therefore essential to do not take your Outlook .com ( previous Hotmail ) Sign In process casually.

How to Securely Login Outlook/Hotmail

Firstly, use a strong password. To learn what is regarded a strong password and how to create strong passwords. In any case, now, Hotmail and Outlook have chosen to disallow weak passwords like 123456, etc.

How to Securely Login Outlook/Hotmail 

Outlook Sign in or Sign In

Type www .outlook .com in your browsers home address bar. In the space provided type your username & password. If it is your pc, you may want to check the Keep me signed in the box & Memorize me and Remember my password box. If not, ensure it is unchecked.

An App Password enables two-Step Verification clients to get to their records from device and applications that will don't bolster confirmation codes and other verification tips.

On the off chance that you are signing in from a digital bistro and an open PC, you should need to get a one time single utilize code to sign in with. You have to enlist your cell phone with Outlook/Hotmail to benefit of this administrations.

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You could choose to login with enhanced security. After getting signed in, you may be asked if you wish to use safe https login.

On the off chance that you are utilizing not secured remote associations, you may need to utilize HTTPS logins. Select the alternatives you need. Your sign in URL will now show up as https.

Outlook .com includes some more security features. Do also study these most useful methods for Windows Live Mails users on how to protect and safe your e-mail accounts.


  1. I am unable to upgrade my Hotmail account because someone else apparently took it...looks like I will be staying with a Hotmail address....if I create a junk alias will I get any additional features or is it not worth the effort?
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