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Login Outlook: How to Activate Instant Messaging Services with Outlook

Microsoft Outlook may be used with many instant messaging services. These services enable you to see the current availability of others & to start real-time, online communications with them.

Login Outlook: How to Activate Instant Messaging Services

Login Outlook and Activate Instant Messaging Services

Send an instant message 

You could send an instant message to anybody whose online status indicates anything except for Offline.

  1. Next, to the person's name, click the on-line status indication. 
  2. On the contact card, on the click on the Instant Message and Send an instant message icon, as indicated by a speech bubble. 
  3. Enter your message in the lower area of the window, & then press Enter to send. 

In case you have an e-mail message open, you could reply with an instant message to the sender and sender or all recipients of the message. On the Important message tab, in the

Respond group, click on the instant message. On the drop-down list, click on Reply with an instant message and also Reply All with an instant message.

Turn on-line status on or off in Outlook

You control how your own on-line status is displayed to others. Such as, if you are unavailable, you could change your on-line status to Busy presence icon Busy.

  1. Click on the File tab to open the Backstage see, & then click Options. 
  2. On the Individuals tab, under On-line status & photographs, choose and uncheck the Display on-line status next to name check box.
  3.  Click OK.

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